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For Parents

How to find the best recreation and sport programs for your child...

HIGH FIVE's quality standard ensures your child's experience with sport and recreation will be safe, unique and age appropriate. It also ensures your child will have a positive experience-and leave the program smiling!

The Clubs trains the staff team in HIGH FIVE's Pinciples of Healthy Child Development.

Your child will experience the following:


fair opportunities for everyone.


just having fun!


learning new skills and being successful.


opportunities to make and build friendships.

Caring Adult

an instructor, coach, or leader who shows warmth and genuine interest in all children.

Our activities

  • Are led by a HIGH FIVE trained leader
  • Provide challenges that are suitable for your child's age and skill level
  • Allow all children to take part, regardless of their abilities
  • Focus on personal best rather than winning 
  • Keep children active without too much standing around or waiting
  • Give children choices about what they can do

Our leaders

  • Are trained in HIGH FIVE Principles of Healthy Child Development
  • Show all children respect, honesty and trust
  • Use direct eye contact and smile
  • Speak in a calm and friendly tone of voice
  • Praise children when they try and when they succeed

High Five Acreditied Logo

The Club Is a HIGH FIVE Accredited organization

  • Have safety and emergency procedures
  • Provide program equipment and materials that are suitable for your child's age and ability
  • Encourage participation and input from parents and families
  • Provide what is needed to make sure your child feels safe, welcome, special...and leaves the program smiling!

The Club uses  HIGH FIVE tools to identify, assess, control risks, & improve program quality. The QUEST 2 program assessment tool measures the experience of the child by looking at interactions and program factors which influence development. It has five sections including:

  • Leader to Child Interactions
  • Child to Child Interactions
  • Leader to Leader Interactions
  • Supervision and Safety
  • Program Characteristics & Supports


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