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National Partners

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PowerUp! Fidelity Investments

The Fidelity Power Up! funding enabled Boys and Girls Club of Kingston and Area to enhance our education programs at our Club. This funding was used at the West End Hub to ensure that we can provide our three main educational programs to our growing number of members. These programs are our homework help program, localized educational programming, and our Multi-Sensory Structured Language Program (MSSL).

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Giant Tiger

The funds from the Giant Tiger Foundation was used to fund our education programs at the Boys and Girls Club of Kingston and Area, specifically our homework program. One of the four focus areas of our regular programming is Learning and Career Development, which are programs that enable children and youth to develop and achieve their educational goals, career aspirations, and embrace life-long learning. Each day, every club offers a homework club for all ages at all eight sites. In this program, children and youth are able to complete their homework with the help of an Ontario certified teacher. Not only can the members of the Club gain extra help with their homework, but they also have the opportunity to receive tutoring or to learn more about subjects that interest them.

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Fare Advantage

The Fare Advantage program was offered at both the West End Community Hub and the Gananoque Youth Centre. Each had a focus on two themes: nutrition and food and physical activity.
Weekly nutrition workshops covered the following topics: how to prepare meals that are not costly and budget for healthy options; food handling safety; and food preparation skills. Budgeting workshops helped youth to understand the importance of budgeting in order to maintain their health and a proper diet. How to “stretch” a dollar in order to produce more food that is nutritious, rather than unhealthy foods that do not provide energy or benefits to them; was a popular topic. This portion of the program concluded with the youth preparing the meal and eating together as a group.

The Fare Advantage program that also incorporated physical activity workshops and events in order to help youth members understand the importance of healthy active living as a process that includes both healthy eating and regular physical activity.

Heather Hayhow
Manager, Fund Development
613-507-3306 ext. 110

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