The people who work and volunteer with us are committed to continually enhancing the quality of services we provide the children, youth and families we serve. We look for individuals who have the knowledge, experience, and passion to enable the agency to achieve its mission, vision, and values. The boys and girls club of kingston fosters an inclusive environment that encourages individuals to work together to achieve our goals.

Here are just a few of the endless benefits you can expect from becoming a part of our team:

A smile on a child's face when you walk in the door
The life-long connections you make with staff and volunteers
The pride of belonging to a passionate and dedicated organization
The training, support, and guidance you receive to help you grow and expand your skills
The amazing feeling you get after having a heart-to-heart conversation with a youth struggling with life's challenges

Please be advised that if you are applying for any positions working directly with children and youth, you may be required to have the following to be considered an eligible applicant for the position:

A Criminal Record Check with vulnerable sector search, dated within six months of start date

Volunteers are an important part of our organization, please contact Alicia Coffin about specific volunteer opportunities.


1) After-School Homework Volunteer - West End Location
Timing: Monday-Thursday 4:00pm-6:00pm
Help our members in grades 1-7 complete daily homework assignments and projects. This volunteer position allows you to work closely with a small group of members to provide academic support. *We are also always looking for French speaking and reading volunteers.

2) Youth Homework Volunteer - West End Location
Timing: Monday-Thursday 3:00pm-6:00pm
Help our members in grades 8-12 complete daily homework assignments and projects. Ideally, volunteers will have a background in Science, Math or English to be able to provide additional support on an individual basis to those youth that may require it.
*We are also always looking for French speaking and reading volunteers.*

3) Rogers Raising the Grade Mentor - West End Location
Timing: Monday-Thursday 3:00pm-6:00pm

Rogers Raising the Grade Mentors work closely with one or two youth each week to provide academic support and guidance for life skills (eg. looking at post-secondary options, helping to write a resume etc)

RRTG is an education program that empowers youth and supports student graduation from secondary school across 43 BGCC locations in Canada. RRTG draws on this rich history of BGCC supporting resilient youth, strong families and communities through education in non-formal and formal learning contexts. The program is co-led by a team of supportive adults – education manager’s, club staff and community, university and professional mentors who believe and encourage young people to accomplish goals and excel in all they do. Young people thrive in a space which serves as a catalyst and hub for creative and student centered learning in academics, social studies, civic studies, life skills, the arts and sports.

Why Become A Mentor? To Make a difference!

Mentoring offers an opportunity to connect with young people, to share experience, skills knowledge and a listening ear. A knowledge exchange happens in each encounter and through relationship building – from youth to mentor – and mentor to youth.

Mentors may offer skills to run group workshops, work one on one with individual youth to support their academic work and homework, offer stories about their own life journeys and challenges, offer their expertise in all varieties of work experience – trades, small business, leadership, professions, volunteer and unpaid work. Mentors also share their life skills – how they coped and dealt with challenges and barriers on life journeys. Some mentors share their gifts in the arts, academic studies, community leadership, environmental projects, music, sports, crafts and hobbies.

We try our best to find out about each mentor’s goals and explore how youth, the program and each mentor can all benefit and share in the relationship and experience at RRTG!

We also welcome a diversity of mentor experiences and skills in our program providing a range of leadership journeys, and experiences for youth. It is important for youth to gain advantage and knowledge of community wealth and skill within their own and external communities. Mentoring is a possibility for exchange across this diversity of experience.

Alicia Coffin
Supervisor, Programs
613-542-3306 ext 224

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