Field Trip Agreement

Field Trip Agreement

Code of Conduct

To ensure that all campers have a safe and fun experience we ask parents and or guardians to review these rules with their children.

Campers will :
Have fun!
Be respectful towards other campers and staff.
Leave toys at home (electronic devices are not permitted).
Ask for permission when leaving the room.
Show a positive attitude to fellow campers and staff.
Follow directions that are given by all leaders.
Not participate in any forms of bullying, name calling, and inappropriate language
Participate in scheduled camp activities to the best of their ability
Take turns talking and listening.
Respect the environment (dispose of garbage in receptacles and recycle where possible)

I have read the above rules and understand that if my child/children break these rules there will be consequences ranging from suspension to removal from program based on the seriousness of the incident or past occurrences. I will try and speak with my children about these rules before the program begins each session.


I acknowledge that my child (children) will be participating in an activity or event organized by the Boys and Girls Club of Kingston & Area. I am aware that the participation of my child (children) is outside the scope of their daily routine. I am aware that my child (children) may have their photographs taken by the local media and may appear on the local television/radio stations.

I agree to indemnify and save harmless both during and following the term of this agreement the Boys and Girls Club Kingston, its Partner agencies and the corporation of the City of Kingston from all losses,damages, claims or other proceedings in any manner based upon, or attributable to anything done or omitted to be done by the Agency its Partner Agencies or the Corporation of the City of Kingston in connection with any services, trips or activities, both on site and off, provided by the Agency throughout the term of the participation.

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