Robert Meek Youth Centre

Robert Meek Youth Centre

Robert Meek Youth Centre

559 Bagot Street Downtown Kingston

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After-School Connections is a Licensed Childcare Program

Hours: Monday through Friday
Ages: 4-12 years old
Cost: $10 per child/day 

Transportation from the following schools is provided on a daily basis:
Molly Brant Public School
St Paul Catholic School
Central Public School
Sydenham Public School
Rideau Public School

Module Vanier

All members receive a healthy snack upon arrival to program, as well as daily access to our education center where members can complete homework, study for tests and quizzes, complete research projects, or simply receive extra assistance, all from a qualified teacher.

Members will also participate in daily activities based on our 4 areas of programming; health and personal wellness, food and nutrition, physical activity and other local programs such as science, arts and crafts, music, drama and much more. All programs are planned, implemented and supervised by qualified staff. Staff members have obtained a diploma or degree in a child related program.

For parents/guardians who would like their child(ren) to eat dinner during this program, a full dinner, complete with each food group will be available each night during this program at no extra cost.

Dinner times are as follows:
JK/SK: 4:45pm
Ages 6-8: 5:00pm
Ages 9-10/11-12: 5:30pm

*If you do not wish for your child(ren) to participate in our dinner program, please inform us at the front desk.*

Fee's for this program are $10.00 per day, per child. Funding subsidies are available for qualifying families. More information can be obtained regarding subsidy upon time of registration.

To register for After-School Connections Licensed Childcare Program (559 Bagot St.) please contact


Sara Gervais
Manager, After-School Connections
613-542-3306 ext. 229

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