West End Hub

West End Hub


1300 Bath Road Frontenac Mall


Hours: Monday through Friday 3:30-6:30pm
Ages: 4-5 years old (for more information contact jeff@bgckingston.ca)
Price: $10 per day

6-12 years old
Full Time Membership:
Full time members are able to attend Boys & Girls Club programming on a regular basis and available to participate any and all school days out of the month. If members are taking Boys & Girls Club transportation our cost is $200.00 per month. If members are not taking Boys & Girls Club transportation the cost is $140.00

Part Time Membership: Part time members are able to attend Boys & Girls Club programming two pre determined and consistent school days a week, ie, every Tuesday and Thursday. Part time members will be able to make use of Boys & Girls Club transportation on the days they have selected. The cost of a part time member is $100.00 per month.

Drop In Card Membership: Drop in members will be able to purchase cards that will determine how many visits they may attend Boys & Girls Club programming. 5 visit cards can be purchased for $40.00. Drop-in members will not have access to Boys & Girls Club transportation but may attend any school day and have their card stamped.

Transportation is available through our facility from the following schools:

Archbishop O'Sullivan Catholic School
Cataraqui Woods Elemenatry School
St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Catholic School
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School
Lancaster Drive Public School
R.G. Sinclair Public School
Welborne Avenue Public School
J.R. Henderson Public School
Fairfield Elementary School
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School
Amherstview Public School

Schools that may drop off to our facility include:


*please inquire with your school's transportation system regarding bus availability*

All members receive a healthy snack upon arrival to program, as well as daily access to our education center where members can complete homework, study for tests and quizzes, complete research projects, or simply receive extra assistance, all from a qualified teacher.

Members participate in daily activities based on our 4 areas of programming; health and personal wellness, food and nutrition, physical activity and other local programs such as science, arts and crafts, music, drama and much more. All programs are planned, implemented and supervised by qualified staff. Staff members have obtained a diploma or degree in a child related program.

Fee Assistance Application


Jeff Helsby
Manager, Programs – West End
613-507-3306 ext. 101

Guest Services
Registration and Administration
613-507-3306 ext. 100

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