Aquatics at the Boys and Girls Club

  Boys and Girls Club Parent & Tot price: $3 each
Tuesday 9AM - 11AM
Thursday 9AM - 11AM

Learn more about programming for toddlers at the BGC!

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City of Kingston Family/Lane Swim Prices:
Tots: 2 years and under - Free
Child: 3-12 years - $3.00
Youth: 13-24 years -$4.50
Adult: 25-64 years - $5.50
Senior: 65+ years - $4.50
* Parent & Child - $3.25 per person *

City of Kingston School Year Swim Schedule: Family/Lane Swim (2 Lanes)   
Tues/Fri - 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Weds - 11:30am - 1:00pm
Sat - 11:00am - 12:30pm

**Please Note** City Family/Lane Swim do not run on P.A Days. Thank you for your understanding!

Guardian age is 12 for children aged 6 to 9 who are wearing a life jacket.
If children are in a life-jacket or have not passed the swim test, then a guardian must be in the water with them.


Admittance Policy:
- Child to adult ratios are mandatory and will be enforced (stated below)
- Swim tests with be done for all children wishing to not wear a lifejacket
- Every bather must shower with soap and warm water before entering the pool
- No shoes, food, or drinks are allowed on the pool deck
- Children under the age of 10 are to never be left unattended
- Service animals are welcome on the pool deck but must remain out of the water
- All lifejackets must be Department of Transportation certified


Jasmyn Castilloux - Aquatics Coordinator
613-507-3306 ext. 108

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