Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Swim @ the BGC this Summer!

Pool Parties

Enjoy the Pool exclusively for an hour + A PARTY ROOM!
$250 for UP TO 30 SWIMMERS



Air Castle:

This party includes: 15 minute themed activity 1 hour on our air castle, 45 minutes in our party room to eat food, cake, and open gifts. 

Times Available: Saturday/Sunday 11AM - 1PM | 1PM-3PM | 3PM-5pm

Theme options: 

Fairytale Princess -A great theme for party goers to use their imagination and go home with a fun craft. You choose if they will be making crowns and wands or accessorizing with homemade jewelry/beads. 

Mad Scientist - For a birthday boy or girl who likes getting their hands dirty and experimenting with the wonders of science. We have hands on experiments that include creating a volcano or making your own lava lamps. 

Marvelous Superhero - It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a whole group of superheroes! Have your group decked out in homemade capes or if you have an active group of superhero's put them through superhero training (mini obstacle course) so they can show off their stuff. Jr. Spy - This adventurous party theme will allow all of your Jr. Spies to practice their skills while either taking turns through our laser yarn maze or creating their own I- Spy bottle to take home. 

Gym Fanatic - Take advantage of our physical activity space and choose between Dodge Ball and a game of Soccer. 

Top Chef - Let the birthday child and their friends enjoy the chef experience by making their own treats. Let the guests get creative with mini pizzas or a sundae bar. 

King/Queen of the Castle - Put your jumping skills to the test! Show us how much you love our air castles by choosing extra air castle time. *Times are estimated and subject to change*


All pool parties include: 1 hour of swimming in the pool - Your dedicated swim time is exclusive to your party and we have life-jackets and pool toys available for your use (please note: mermaid tails and water wings are not permitted) 15 minutes of change time, 45 minutes in our party room to eat food, cake, and open gifts. 

Times Available: Saturday & Sunday12PM-2PM | 1PM-3PM | 2PM-4PM | 3PM-5PM



If your group likes to stay active then these parties are perfect for you!
You will be able to choose up to three of the activities listed below to split up into our 75 minute time frame in the gym. You will then have 45 minutes in our party room for your group to eat food, cake, and open gifts. 

Time Available: Saturday & Sunday11AM-1PM | 1PM-3PM | 3PM-5pm

Theme Options: 

BE AN ALL STAR - 1/ Basketball 2/ Ball Hockey 3/ Soccer
We can do skills and drills, fun games or have all party goers scrimmage in a variety of sports.


If your group likes to be active but aren’t into sports, then we have these great recreational themes that will keep everybody moving throughout your party.

1. Dodge Ball 

2. Tag Games 

3. Parachute Games 

4. Circle Games

Party Add-Ons:

Cupcake bar


Veggie Snack Platter

Fresh Fruit Snack Platter

Sandwich Platter

Glitter tattoos 

Face painting

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