How to book your Birthday Party online

The Boys and Girls Club of Kingston & Area uses a system called RecDesk to help us administer and manage our birthday party bookings over the internet! 

We encourage you to use the following steps as a guide to help you set up a new account with RecDesk. This account will allow you to book, customize, and pay for your Birthday Party.

Let's get started! The Process includes main 3 Steps:

Step 1: 

Create a Parent/Family Profile.

- On the Rec Desk Home webpage, select Create Account.
- As the Parent/Guardian, enter your Full Name, Telephone Number and Email Address, then click Continue.
- Enter your Date of Birth, Gender, Mailing Address, then confirm your Email Address and Telephone Number(s).
- Complete the mandatory Emergency Contact section 
*Note that the Emergency Contact must be someone other than the Parent/Guardian creating this profile.  - Create an Account Username and Password.

Step 2: 

Create your Child(ren)’s Profile.

Enter your Child’s First and Last Name, Grade (e.g. grade 5), Name of School, and select from the drop down list where your child resides (e.g. with both parents). 
*Note, every child requires his/her own Profile through RecDesk.

- Indicate the Authorized Pick Up #1 Name for your child (complete additional Authorized Pick Up Names if necessary).  

- Describe the Relationship of your Emergency Contact to your Child in the space provided.  

- For Emergency Medical Contact Information purposes, please specify the name of your child’s Physician and a contact telephone number. 

The next section is information required for our after school and school break program members. If there are any portions that are relevant to the needs of your child, please enter 'N/A' for Not Applicable. 

For information that is relevant to the safety and needs of your child, please provide the details as required related to Physical or Special Needs, Learning Issues, Behavioural Issues, a List of Medications & Diagnosis (when applicable), any Allergies, EpiPen Location, and Food Restrictions.

Please indicate from the drop down menu if you give permission to allow photos of your child to appear in the public, on our website or on Social Media pages.

In the space provided, please write any notes/special instructions unique to your child if not covered above.

Step 3: 

Booking your Par-T-Perfect Birthday Party

Once your Parent/Family and Child(ren) profiles have been created: 

- click the horizontal lines icon located at the far upper right hand corner of the webpage.

- From the menu, click Programs . 

- Then under the list of Programs available, select Birthday Parties. 

Click on the purple horizontal bar labelled Filters located at the top of the page to filter by Category and Location if required.  

- Scroll through the list of available Birthday Parties, organized by type of party (e.g. Jungle Gym party), date and time.  

- Once you have picked your desired party, click on the Party Name (typed in blue) to view more details, a breakdown of Fees, and comprehensive Schedule.  

- To book your choice of party, click the green Register button located on the bottom right hand corner. 

On the Birthday Party Registration Page:

- Identify the name of Member who will be celebrating his/her birthday from the drop down menu. 

Choose the desired Fee Type in the next drop down menu.  

- Select any Program Add-Ons that you would like added to the Birthday Party (e.g. Face Painting). 

- In the space provided, please write any notes/special requests unique to your child/party if not covered. 

NOTE: Parents and birthday party organizers are welcome to bring in and serve food and desserts, but please ALL food items brought to the Boys and Girls Club of Kingston & Area MUST be Peanut-Free. 

- Select the blue Save button at the bottom of the page, and you will be redirected to your Cart. You can still review changes before checking out!  

- Review the item(s) in your Cart, then click Go To Checkout.

- Review the Boys and Girls Club of Kingston’s Waiver prior to clicking the I Accept Waiver button. 

- Complete any and all forms specific to your Birthday Party (e.g. Pool Party Forms) by selecting the Complete Form button. - Once finished, click I Have Completed All Forms.

To process payment, there is the option to Pay Now or Pay Later; select your preferred option. A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking. 

Deposits can be paid over the phone with Visa or MasterCard at 613 507 3306 or you can come into our 1300 Bath Road Location and pay using Cash, Credit, Debit or Cheque. 

The remaining balance can be paid online at the time of booking or in person on the day of the party; please check in on arrival at the Front Desk, West End Hub, 1300 Bath Road.

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