PAR-T-PETS (Onsite & Offsite)

Beautiful 8 inch soft plush pet comes with wishing star, and unique adoption certificate. Perfect for kids of all ages.
• EXTRA SOFT 8-inch soft plush Par-T-Pet. Delight your child with these beautiful plush party pets.
• PERFECT for kids birthday parties. Keep your kids entertained as they get to stuff their own super soft, pets.
• CREATE and stuff your plush pets. Unlock your child’s creative potential as they stuff their very own choice of pet.
• ADOPT YOUR VERY OWN PET! Each of our beautiful party pets comes with its own ‘birth’ certificate. Your kids can fill them out and treasure them forever.
• GREAT FOR DEVELOPING FINE MOTOR SKILLS – This is so much more than just a stuffable pet or teddy bear! Stuffing and playing helps hone your child’s fine motor skills, opening new doors to exploration, learning, and creative expression!

Option #1 (Onsite): We offer them as an add-on to all of our current onsite parties at our West end location, the Frontenac Mall. To do this you would visit our website and request a party. In the special requests box please note that you would like to add-on Pets. They are $9/ea to add on to a party package.

Option #2 (Onsite): Otherwise you can do a full Par-T-Pets craft & activity party here and pricing depends on number of children. Contact Kerri to book.

Option #3 (Offsite): We offer offsite Par-T-Pets parties at your home and can bring the party to you. Pricing again depends on number of children, activities, party location, and length of party.

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