Little Learners Club

Little Learners Club

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Membership & Weekday Drop-in includes:

Unlimited Homestead Kids Zone Playtime Monday - Friday | Whenever the Homestead Kids Zone is open! Enjoy time to explore energetic play contributing to motor development through moderate-intensity physical activity and rough and tumble play.

Parent & Child Swimming
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9AM - 11AM
Fundamental movement skills in an aquatics setting encouraging free play and unstructured physical activity.

Daily Educational Programming
Monday - Friday 11AM to 1PM
Developing social, emotional, language, and cognitive domains and building root skills for learning. Station play and guided learning, connecting understandings to ideas and concepts.

All types of movement matter, and a balance is best for health!

What are Physical Activity Guidelines?
Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines provide recommendations regarding the frequency, intensity, amount and type of physical activity that can help prevent disease and/or improve health for Canadians.

What is Physical Inactivity?
An insufficient physical activity level to meet present physical activity recommendations. General definition applies to all age and ability groups.

Pro-social Behaviours
Behaviours that are carried out with the goal of helping other people.

Motor Development
Refers to the development of a child’s musculoskeletal system and their ability to move around in, and manipulate their surrounding environment.

Energetic Play
Similar to moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity (MVPA). It is more appropriately contextualized for the early years and refers to activities for young children that get them working hard, breathing heavily and feeling warm.

Rough-and-Tumble Play
A form of higher energy play where children climb over each other, wrestle, roll around and pretend to fight in the spirit of fun.

Unstructured physical activities
Activities that occur spontaneously, sporadically, are often unplanned or unscheduled and involve self-directed games, play and other activities without external structures (e.g., coaches, time clocks).

Register Now

9AM - 3PM
(Monday to Friday)

1-Month Membership $60.00
Weekday Drop-in Admission
1st Child $10.00
2nd Child $5.00
3rd Child $5.00
Adults Free!

for more information on the Little Learners Program please contact:

Learn more about early years physical activity:


Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines

Early Years Research

Learn more about early years education:

A framework for Ontario early childhood settings

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