During the special workshop times, children have the opportunity to participate in incredible workshops with trained professionals. These workshops will immerse students in specialty areas, challenge them, and provide plenty of opportunities to explore passions.

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Science Club

Henk Wevers volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club of Kingston, teaching science and technology to children ages 9-12. Some of the projects include birdhouses, tool boxes, kaleidoscopes, fast spinning tops, race cars and launchers. While the science is basic, the hands-on work provides each child with a long lasting object of great pride. Henk's program motivates children to complete hands-on projects and expose them to the exciting world of science. Please visit Henk's blog for more information.

Reading and Spelling Workshop

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Workshop Delivers Elements of a Multi-Sensory Structured Language Program and Teaches:
. Core foundation letter sounds
. Digraph, unit, and complex code sounds
. Decoding skills to achieve successful reading

Bricks 4 Kidz After School Enrichment Classes

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Our one hour classes explore architecture, engineering and technology concepts using LEGO® bricks. Students participate in 6 week sessions focused on exciting themes including Space, Inventions, Famous Buildings, and Natural Disasters.

Classes follow the Bricks 4 Kidz® motto: We Learn, We Build, We Play with… LEGO® Bricks.

We Learn- Teachers provide a 5-10 minute themed lesson
We Build- Students build the model of the day with simple step by step instructions
We Play- Students explore their own creativity through free play time

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