2020 Subsidy

Summer Camp 2020 Fee Subsidy Programs:

Families living in the City of Kingston and/or County of Frontenac who need help with the cost of summer camp can apply for a subsidy if they meet various requirements.
There are 2 options available dependent on families desired camp location and/or place of residence.
Please review all of the following requirements prior to applying to ensure that you can secure a space in summer camp.

Option 1) Child Care Fee Assistance Program

This subsidy may cover all, or part, of eligible families' summer camp costs and the amount of subsidy provided is based on the family net income on their 2019 Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency.
If your family taxable income is less than $20,000 your summer camp fees will be fully subsidized. If your family’s taxable income is over $20,000 you will be required to pay a portion of your summer camp fees.
In order to apply families must;

· Live in the City of Kingston or the County of Frontenac,
· Be attending work or an education program outside of the home.
· Provide a copy of their 2019 Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment

The monthly contribution is the total amount a family is required to pay towards the cost of camp each month regardless of the number of children in the family and number of weeks of camp. If the cost of camp is less than your required monthly contribution you would not be eligible for subsidy. Click here for more information. 

If families meet these initial requirements, they can they can select the “Child Care Fee Assistance Program” option on the online application form Child Care Fee Assistance Application Form

Please contact The City of Kingston, Childcare & Early Years Services for questions regarding eligibility for childcare fee subsidy.

Email: ceys@cityofkingston.ca
Telephone: 613-546-2695 ext 4825.

Option 2) SPARK Program

For families that reside within the City of Kingston, and who are interested in registering for camp at the Rideau Heights Community Centre, you may also be eligible through the Subsidy Program for Affordable Recreation in Kingston (SPARK). The subsidy eligibility for the SPARK program has not changed. Once approved, each child will be eligible for up to 4 consecutive weeks of summer camp through the Boys & Girls Club. SPARK subsidized camp spaces will not be restricted by a dollar amount, only by the maximum of 4 weeks per child. 

Funding is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and is limited to a maximum of 4 consecutive weeks.
In order to apply families must:

· Live within the City of Kingston

· Household income be below the following income thresholds;
> 1 person household - $27,040
> 2 person household - $38,240
> 3 person household - $46,835
> 4 person household - $54,080
> 5 person household - $60,464
> 6 person household - $66,234
> 7+ person household - $71,542


If families meet the above requirements and are applying for summer camp programs at the Rideau Heights Community Centre, please apply through this link.

Boys and Girls Club Fee Subsidy Program:

Boys and Girls Club Subsidy is not available for summer camp at this time. All funding subsidies will be through the City of Kingston.

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