Camp Information

Camp Information

1. Drop off time for camp is between 8:00-9:30 a.m. each day. After this time, doors will be locked and inaccessible to the public.

2. Parents are required to wear a mask at drop off. Children are not required to wear masks while at camp, however are welcome to do so if they prefer. All staff working in camps will wear masks throughout the day, with the exception of during outdoor activities where physical distancing measures will be practiced.

3. Screening will take place each morning. If you would like to print and complete the health questionnaire and bring it to camp to quicken the screening process, click here for the form. Reminder that we require one per child if you print and submit.

4. Please ensure your child brings a reusable water bottle with them to camp. As per health guidelines, mouth pieces of water fountains are not permitted to be used, and bottles must be filled up to drink out of instead. Children are not permitted to bring personal items from home (toys, books, electronics etc).

5. Please ensure your child comes with a hat and sunscreen. Sunscreen must be labelled with the child’s first and last name and the date of purchase.

6. Pick up time will start at 4:00 p.m. each day. Doors will be unlocked at this time and a staff will be dismissing children upon parent/Guardian arrival. If you will be picking up your child(ren) prior to 4:00 p.m., there will be a phone number posted on the door of your camp location. Call this number and we will escort your child to you.

7. For daily themes, please click here

8. For camp locations and contact info, please click here


Q: When will registration open, and what is the process?
A: Registration for all camps will open on Monday, June 22nd at 9:00am. Registration will either be completed through our online portal RecDesk or via the Fee Subsidy Application form (see more information below). All camp spaces will be on a first come- first serve basis. More information can be found here on how to create a profile if you are new to RecDesk, and how to ensure your profile is up-to-date and ready to go when registration opens.

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Q: What is the process if I need to apply for Child Care Fee Subsidy?
A: There are a limited number of subsidized spaces available per week, per camp. There are two options available for subsidy, depending on your desired camp location, and/or place of residence.

Families living in the City of Kingston or County of Frontenac who need help with the cost of summer camp can apply for a subsidy if they meet various requirements. Subsidy may cover all, or part, of eligible families' summer camp costs and the amount of subsidy provided is based on the family net income on their most recent Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency.

For families that reside within the City of Kingston, and who are interested in registering for camp at the Rideau Heights Community Centre, you may also be eligible through the Subsidy Program for Affordable Recreation in Kingston (SPARK). The subsidy eligibility for the SPARK program has not changed. Once approved, each child will be eligible for up to 4 consecutive weeks of summer camp through the Boys & Girls Club. SPARK subsidized camp spaces will not be restricted by a dollar amount, only by the maximum of 4 weeks per child.

All families will be required to meet certain specifications to be approved for these Subsidy programs. Qualification details can be found here.

To apply for subsidy:

1. If you require fee subsidy, PLEASE DO NOT register through Recdesk, as subsidized spaces are not available through the RecDesk portal. Please proceed to step 2.

2. Complete the Child Care Fee Subsidy application via the online application form  (please note that applications submitted prior to Monday June 22nd at 9:00am will not be accepted)

3. When received, your application will be forwarded to the City of Kingston Child Care department. They will contact you regarding your application, and will inform you of your approval for fee subsidy.

4. Once approved, you will be contacted to provide further information on how to complete your camp registration.

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Q: What if there aren't any subsidized spaces available?
A: If subsidized spaces are full for your requested weeks, you will be contacted to inform you that all spaces have been filled. You can then be placed on a waiting list for a subsidized space if it becomes available for that location, or if there are vacant subsidized spaces available at another location, you can apply for that location. You are also welcome to register for a full paying space if available, and pay the full fee price.

It is imperative that you only apply for child care fee assistance if you require a subsidized space and if you meet all the requirements set forth by the City of Kingston.

Q: If I do not require Child Care Fee Assistance, when are my payments due?
A: If you are not applying for Child Care Fee Assistance, you will be required to pay in full for your camp week(s) by the fee due dates. Click here for more information.  

**Full fee paying parents are also able to apply for Jumpstart Funding. More information can be found here:

** Please note that fees for Week 1 & Week 2 are due on the same day/time
**Failure to pay fees by required day/time will result in an immediate loss of space in any/ all weeks of camp. Due to the limited number of spaces available, any spaces not paid for by 4:00pm on the due date will be released**

Q: How will payments be made?
A: As we are attempting to eliminate the exchange of cash at all of our locations, we would appreciate all payments to be made through your rec desk account. If payments cannot be made via RecDesk, we will also accept credit card payments over the phone. If making payments over the phone, you must call either our West End Hub or our Central Hub. (613-507-3306) All over the phone payments can be made after 10:00 a.m. Monday through Friday.

As a last resort, we will take payments in person, however we will not be accepting payments during morning drop off times.
PLEASE NOTE **We will not be accepting any form of payment at our Invista or Memorial Centre sites. All payments must be made via recdesk, over the phone or in person at either our West End or Central Hub locations.

Q: How will I know my space is confirmed?
A: When your registration is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email from RecDesk outlining all confirmed weeks, and proof/record of any payments made. Please pay close attention to the information in the “notes” section of the email as it will contain important location specific information.

Q: How many spaces are available in each camp?
A: Each camp group will have no more than 8 children in the group. Each group will be accompanied by 2 staff. The total number of groups available at each site will be based on the space / number of rooms.

Q: How will my children be grouped? Based on age/grade etc?
A: When you register your child(ren) it will be into a group/age range from 6-12 years old. We will then create groups of 8 children based on the ages that are registered for that week. Please note that we will be unable to take requests for children to be paired with friends. Depending on the age range of children, the Ministry of Health suggests grouping siblings/children from the same household together as much as possible. 

Daily Camp Details:

Q: What will drop off procedures look like?

A: All parents/children will be required to complete a thorough screening process each morning at drop off. Please be prepared as this will take extra time each morning. If parents/guardians/caregivers are able to print the screening questionnaire at home and complete the screening each morning prior to arriving at camp, they can find the screening form here . Upon arriving at camp, the completed screening form can be given to the screening team, and they will only be required to check the temperature of your child(ren). If you are unable to print and complete at home/prior to arrival, the screening team will complete this process with you/your child(ren).

  • We will be screening all individuals before entrance into facilities/areas where programs are running. This includes staff, children, caregivers, and essential visitors (such as emergency maintenance).
  • At drop off, health screening will occur outside the premises or in an indoor designated area. Entrance/acceptance to the program is ONLY allowed upon passing health screening. 
  • Parents/Guardians/Caregivers are not allowed to enter the program area/premises, except under exceptional circumstances.
  • Screening is conducted in accordance with all Public Health directives
  • No visitors, volunteers or any other non-essential individuals are allowed into our premises

Q: What time can I drop off my child(ren)
A: Drop off for all camps must be done between the hours of 8:00 a.m.- 9:30 a.m. After this point, staff will not be available to screen and sign children in, and doors will be closed and locked to the facility.

Q: What will pick up procedures look like?
A: Front desk staff will be at the pick up station (with doors unlocked) during the last hour of camp (4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.). If you will be picking up your child(ren) prior to 4:00 p.m., there will be a phone number posted on the door of your camp location. Call this number and we will escort your child to you.

Q: What other safety precautions have you taken/put in place?
A: We have put the following processes, procedures and precautions in place to ensure the safety of all children and staff:

  • Children and staff are constantly monitored throughout the day for signs of ill health
  • If children display signs of ill health during the day, appropriate isolation and disinfecting protocols will immediately take place
  • Our staff will appropriately wear PPE, in accordance to their designation
  • Staff are trained in all health and safety protocols, including awareness of typical and atypical signs of COVID-19
  • Staff provide orientation to children on proper hand washing and personal hygiene safe practices
  • Cleaning and disinfecting routines will take place multiple times a day in all building common areas, classrooms, surfaces, and play equipment. This will include all high touch points (door knobs, light switches, counter/table tops, chairs etc)
  • Physical distancing requirements (at least 2 meters/6 feet) are practiced in the use and movement between common work areas
  • Appropriate floor and wall signage is in place to remind and guide physical distancing practices

Q: What should my child bring to camp?

A: We ask that you limit sending extra materials (bags) with your children *The only things required are: sunscreen complete with a label with the child's name and date of purchase, a labelled water bottle, indoor/appropriate shoes, proper dress for outdoors/weather, an extra change of clothes (if required for younger children). Children are not permitted to bring toys or other personal items from home/into camp programs.

Q: What types of programs/activities will my child(ren) do when they are at camp?
A: Programming will look a little different this summer. Our staff are hard at work planning activities and programs that promote physical distancing, while maintaining the fun. Click here !
There will be no field trips or any outrips that require transportation. We will not be swimming at any indoor or outdoor pools. 

Medical and Allergy Information

Q: My child has allergies, is there anything else I need to do?

A: Please make us aware of your child's allergy by noting so in the designated area on our registration form and completing the Individual Emergency Plan form
If you are having difficulty finding this section, please contact your Camp location for assistance.

Q: My child has additional medical needs (asthma, diabetes etc.) How should I share this information with camp staff?
A: Please complete an Individual Medical Needs Form and submit to the appropriate contact.

Q: My child required medication during his/her camp day. How should I share this information with camp staff?
A: If your child requires medication to be dispensed throughout the course of the day, Please complete a permission to administer medication form.

**All medical, allergy and prescription dispensing forms MUST be completed and submitting the week prior to your child attending camp. Failure to do so will result in your child being unable to attend camp**

Q: What happens if my child gets sick OR another child in his/her group gets sick and all children are not allowed to return to camp?
A: With the possibility of camps being suspended or cancelled in this new environment the following refund guidelines apply:

  • Attendees will receive a full refund for any camp week that is not provided due to provincial or public health prohibitions.
  • Attendees will receive a partial refund for any camp day(s) that is not provided due to provincial or public health prohibitions. The partial refund will be provided for days not yet attended. All refunds will be distributed in the form of a cheque made out to and sent to the payee of the camp. Refunds will be sent out as soon as possible after the camp cancellation.

Have other questions that are not answered in this FAQ? Please review our COVID-19 Operating Plan.

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