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If you are new to RecDesk (you do not have an existing account) please follow Steps below to create a RecDesk Account. OR;

If you already have a RecDesk Account, please skip below to “Fast Track my Registration Process”

To Create your RecDesk Profile:

Step 1: Create a Parent/Family Profile

- This information is where you (the Parent/Guardian) will input your name and contact information. (You will add your child(rens) information in a later step)
- Don't forget to complete the Emergency Contact section. The Emergency contact must be someone other than the Parent/Guardians

Step 2: Create your child(rens) Profile(s):

- Each child in your household requires his/her own “profile” on RecDesk.
- Click “Add household member” (green button on the left hand side of your profile page)
- Enter your child’s first and last name
- Indicate the Authorized Pick Up #1 Name for your child. Complete additional Authorized Pick Up Names if there are additional people that will be picking up your child (note we will not release your child to someone who is not on this list without your permission/consent)
- The next/remaining sections is information required for our After School and school break/camp programs. If there are any fields that are not relevant or applicable, please enter “N/A” for not applicable
- For information that is relevant to the safety and needs of your child, please provide the details as required related to Physical or Special Needs, Learning Issues, Behavioural Issues, a List of Medications & Diagnosis (when applicable), any Allergies, EpiPen Location, and Food Restrictions. In the space provided, please write any notes/special instructions unique to your child if not covered above
- Save profile, and repeat process for any additional children in the household.

Fast Track Your Registration Process

If you already have a RecDesk account, OR you have just finished completing your new household profile, you can now Fast Track your registration process by completing all the required forms necessary to register for our programs, in the FORMS ONLY program.

- Visit and sign into your recdesk account.
- Click “Programs” at the top of the page, and select “Forms Only”
- Choose the “FORMS ONLY 2021-2022” under the programs category and hit the “Register Now” button. It will then prompt you to select the child which you are completing the forms for in a drop down menu
- Select your desired child from the list
- Select the Fee Type “No Fee $0.00”, Save.
- If you have more than one child that you will be registering for programs, you can then select any additional children by choosing “Register another HOUSEHOLD MEMBER for this program”. Follow the same steps above (select the child from the drop down, chose the fee type, click save)
- When you have completed the above steps for all necessary children, click “Go to Checkout” and Accept Waiver.
- All forms that are required for your child will appear on screen. Under the name of each form, there will be a child's name under, so you know which form pertains to which child.
- Click on each form displayed and complete in full.
- Once all forms are complete, click “I Have Completed All Forms”

**Note: Once you have completed the forms once for the 2021-2022 school year, you will not be required to complete the forms again until the next year. These forms will be shared across all of our locations, so if you attend a program at another one of our locations you will not need to complete these forms an second time. However, as always we urge Parents/ Guardians/Caregivers to ensure that contact and medical information is always up-to-date and contact us with any changes throughout the course of the year


Child Care Fee Assistance Programs

If you are planning on applying for the Boys and Girls Club Child Care Fee Assistance Programs OR the City of Kingston Child Care Subsidy Program (licensed programs only), please ensure you have followed the steps under the “Fast Tracking your Registration Process” to ensure all the required forms are completed under the “Forms Only 2021-2022” program.

Once these forms have been completed, please reach out to your site specific manager (contact information listed below) and request the paperwork and application, as well as including the weeks of camp you intend to register for.
Please do not register your child(ren) into specific camps/weeks if you are applying for a Child Care Fee Subsidy. The Site Manager will complete this process for you once your application has been reviewed and approved.

All applications for subsidy must be submitted before the fee due dates for the specific weeks of camp (listed below in the Child Care Fee Assistance Programs section)

You will be required to provide proof of income (Notice of Assessment, T4, 3 consecutive pay stubs etc). Your application will only be complete when the application form AND the proof of income have been submitted.


Registering your Child(ren) for Summer Camp Weeks

Once you have completed the steps above, you can register for your desired weeks/camps/locations. To do this;

- When logged into your RecDesk Account, click “Programs” at the top of the page, and choose “Summer camps”
- Filter your options along the left side by Location if desired
- Choose your desired weeks and age groups that populate on the main screen and click “Register Now”
- Choose which child (member) you are wanting to register in that camp and select the Fee Type
- Click “Save”
- If you would like to register another child, you can click “Register another HOUSEHOLD MEMBER for this program”. You can then select the child’s name and the camp week from the drop down menus. Click Save
- When you have all the desired weeks in your cart, click “Go to Checkout” and accept the waiver
- If you have already completed the FORMS ONLY program. all your forms on the next screen should be highlighted green, and it should say “You have completed all the required forms” in a green box at the bottom of the screen. If you HAVE NOT completed the new forms for 2021-2022, these forms will be highlighted orange, and you will be required to complete the forms for each child before you can check out
- Click the blue “I have Completed All forms” button

If you have additional questions please contact

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